What Hypnotherapy can help with

Karla Final Logo Jpeg RGBThe following lists represent some of the major areas I work with using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  The list is not exhaustive, so please give me a call or email me if you need further information.  Please note, the client needs to be willing to work with me and some changes in lifestyle may be discussed.  Clients have to want to get on board with the process – unfortunately no hypnotherapist owns a magic wand!

Anxiety and stress-related conditions

Having trouble relaxing

Eating issues – too much or too little

Insomnia and sleep patterns

Digestion problems (IBS)

Lack of self esteem

Motivation and performance enhancement – in sports or work or study

Pain Management

Phobias (heights, spiders, claustrophobia, birds, etc.)

Removal of addictions and obsessions

Sports performance improvement

Worrying about tests or exams

Worrying about public speaking

The above list highlights some of the areas I work with, but there are many more. Please feel free to contact me to book an initial consultation or to simply chat about what you are hoping to change.

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