Low Mood

Karla Final Logo Jpeg RGBFeeling really low can often be a lonely and unsympathetic issue to deal with.  One of the reasons for this is partly because it can’t be physically seen.

Some of the possible symptoms of depression can be as follows:

  • Feeling of emptiness or sadness
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Sleep problems
  • Feelings of restlessness or being slowed down
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Inappropriate guilt
  • Diminished ability to concentrate

Why use hypnotherapy for helping to manage the symptoms of depression?

It is free from side-effects, non-intrusive and is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for breaking the negative trance states of depression.

However, it can be used in conjunction with medication prescribed by GPs to promote a lasting recovery.

The goal of the treatment is not only to reduce or eliminate the symptoms, but also reduce or eliminate the risk of successive episodes.

I will explain how and why the mind works in the depressive state during the initial consultation, with reminders at every session as short term memory loss is a quite common side effect.

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