Why I Can Help YOU

Karla Final Logo Jpeg RGBMany years ago, I sought the help of a Hypnotherapist for my phobia of heights (it worked!) I decided that I wanted to help others with various issues that they wanted help with.  So I trained at the Clifton Practice in Bristol and got my Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, said to be the gold standard in hypnotherapy training.

Rather than focusing on your problems and trying to find out what caused them, I will encourage you to focus on how you want things to be.

I have helped many people change the way they think about situations, encouraging them to think positively, act positively and interact positively – the 3 p’s.  Taking enjoyable exercise, which varies from dancing around your house to running marathons, fills your mind and body with serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine which as you may know makes you feel really good and when you feel really good it is impossible to feel anxious and stressed.  You can’t feel anxious and stressed, and calm and relaxed at the same time!

I  practice at Courtyard Clinic, Dursley on Monday from 5-7pm and Wednesday from 5-8pm





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